Welcome to my blog

The headline pretty much says it all, but welcome to my new blog. This is the first time I’ve tried anything like this, so I’m not exactly sure where to start or what to say, so I hope you all will help me out by putting some questions or suggestions in the comments. That will help a lot, and I’ll get to as many as I can during the rest of the season.

I wish we had better things to start talking about for the team. It’s a little weird to get going when we’re not doing so well, but hopefully we can turn it around. We’ve gone through things like this before, and it’s just something you have to deal with until you get it right. You can’t do anything about the past.

I still think we have a little run in us. You always have to think that way, think positively. I’m looking forward to talking about that.



Hi Prince!
Welcome to mlblogs! Hope you enjoy writing on here. The only suggestion I would have is to keep us informed on what you’re doing (and check out my blog of course! http://numbertwoisgrit.mlblogs.com).

Hope to read more soon!

Oh, and don’t invite the butcher!

Hey Prince, can’t say I’m not happy that you guys aren’t doing well. I’m a Pirates fan so I naturally hate you and your teammates. If you wanna say something about your immature comments towards Adam LaRoche when we got traded but stayed with his team until after the game, then I’d be happy to read what you have to say. Until next time.


Thanks for doing this for us TRUE FANS!!
No matter what – True Crew fans LOVE OUR BOYS!!!
(well of course we want you to win but we’re more than fair weather fans)
That was the coolest thing to watch knowing all the media had PUJOLS penned to win it and you blew him out of his own ball park!!! THAT RULED!!!! Then you went on to prove them wrong AGAIN by continuing to knock’em out AFTER the ALL-STAR game- no “curse” for a true player!!
I think appointing Ken Macha to the helm was one of the best additions to the team – how do you like Macha’s managing style? and how is it different than Yost’s?
I also would like to know how being a BIG LEAGUER works outside of the ball park!! Do you and your family live in the Brew City area during the season? How often, if at all, does your family come with you on the road? When they aren’t with you, do you room with anyone and if so who? and do you play practical jokes on each other?
Thanks for your time!!

GO CREW!!!! I’m with mumx4, us true Brewer fans are much more than fair weather fans. So Prince, why didn’t Macha go for any other trades? Watching you on the Home Run Derby was awesome, congrats on the win!! I’ve been to Miller Park for three games this season, it was so great!! I love that park. Especially, the game on June 27 when you cranked one to the far right corner just to the left of the foul pole! You ran to first base threw up your hands…and the game was won!! So sweet, keep up the great work Prince and all the rest of the Crew, I know you guys can rally!

Whats good big Prince? Just droppin a line to let you know we’re still behind you and the crew, hopefully we get it done and see those playoffs again this year. If not fck it, take a long winter and enjoy we’ll be right back with you next year, hopefully with some new faces in the bullpen. Just keep doing what you do, no complaints from the real fans. Oh and congrats on the derby, these cats aint fn with you.
Tried to get my sis to holla at yours about some meet and greet vip type sht but I dont know what happened, shes still down there in Melboring guess she used to be by you guys a lot (Eileen) but I guess they lost touch, see what you can do, I know your a busy dude but you could catch some karma or something. Either way we’ll still be there when you are so its all good. Good luck on that run, fck da scrubs, Milla Park Boyz all day everyday.

Hi Prince. I am 12 years old and i am the biggest Crew fan in North Dakota. Keep swinging the stick well. O and great job at first this year. You are ten times better than last year. Good luck. Bye


Keep Swinging it Big guy. I got rid of Ryan Howard in a trade for A-Rod and kept you at first in my fantasy league cause i have faith son. You guys have a good young squad i’m sure you can put a run together one inning at a time.

Hey Prince! I am reppin you from Jersey City. The only one rockin crew jerseys and getting screw faced all the time. Saying win or lose the spirit you guys have as a team is refreshing especially compared to teams here in NYC. I fly out once a year in end of Sept to see some games. Went philly and Shea last year. And was in Mlw for the last Cubs series last year. Going to see you face Philly in last home stand hopefully bring you the luck of last year too.

Prince! You and Ryan Braun are the best 3/4 hitting combo in the league keep it going! Your guys handshake is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen, who came up with it? Congrats on the homerun derby win and the magnificent season. I know batting over. 300 is a big deal to you and you’ve accomplished that so far this year. Some questions to help you out: Who’s the funniest guy in the clubhouse? What is your favorite city to visit when you guys are on the road? Anyways congrats on the win last night in LA lets keep it going with yogo!

Great idea Prince. I’d like to have your thoughts on the different pitchers in the league as you face them. Also some notes on how you defend against baseball’s best hitters. Good luck with the blog. I’ll be keeping up with it.

Prince, you guys are turning it around now. All the brewers fans are with you guys now and forever.

Also as long as you beat the cubs, I think all brewers fans are happy. BEAT THE CUBS!


Hey Prince,

Nice to see you participating in the MLB community like this. Being a Milwaukee native, I’ve been a Brewers fan all my life and have really gotten in to following the team. I’ve been very impressed by the Crew’s farm system and the top quality players it has been producing, including yourself. Best of luck in catching up to the Cards and Cubs this season!

-Andy in Seattle

Hey Prince! Congrats on a big year so far keep it up! I noticed that lately you & Casey (McGehee) are kind of close this year. Is he your best friend on the team? Also as a huge Crew fan should, I was wondering what your favorite part of playing for Milwaukee is?

Just let it flow. Whatever is on your mind, whatever is going on with you, just put it in the blog. What’s great about blogging is that there’s no wrong way to do it.

Go Brewers!

-Dan in Los Angeles

What a great idea!! I am a Brewer fan who lives in Cub/Cardinal country, so I am so glad that we can share our thoughts with you and your team mates!! You are having a great season and I am excited for this year because I know that we can be in the hunt come September. Go Brewers!!!

Good luck to you and the rest of the Crew I’m rooting for you guys to make a comeback on the central! Sweep the Dodgers and I think you guys can beat any team after that! Hope to hear from you soon!


hey Prince,
congrats on winning the home run berby and having one of ur best seasons so far. I am a huge fan and i hope u and the brew crew are able to make a run and get to the post season again.


Glad to see you have started a blog. What I think would be enjoyable to read (at least for myself) would be insight into the team’s attitude, what you guys do on the road, funny stories, and general thoughts on your guys’ games.

In regards to how the team has been playing, just stick in there. You personally have been remarkably consistent this year and seem to have benefited greatly from some extra plate discipline. I really enjoy watching you come up to bat with men on because more so now than ever I feel that you are going to get a big hit to bring them in.

The team will come together and the pitching will come around for you. Dave Bush sounds like he isn’t too far out, and if he can pitch like he did before he got hit in the arm, the team should greatly benefit from having him back. Yovanni seems to have figured out some of his problems with walks and now Manny is coming around after his brief stint in the minors (he has pitched excellent since coming back). Hopefully Suppan comes back full strength as well.

You guys have a lighter schedule coming up than at the beginning of the season and appear to be turning the corner. We all have reason to believe that you can string a bunch of wins together in August and win some of those critically important series’ agains the Cardinals and Cubs in September to vault yourselves back into the post season.

Thanks for creating a blog and giving the fans even more insight into what it is like to be a Major Leaguer and a Milwaukee Brewer. I hope the rest of the season goes well for you and the team and we will get the opportunity to once again watch the Milwaukee Brewers playing baseball in October.

Oh, and one more thing. If you ever get the hankering to interact even more with the fans (pipe dream coming), come over and say a few words at http://www.brewerfan.net.

Let’s see…I could write a few paragraphs, or save that for later and get my car fixed. For now; Please remain a Brewer *and* your walks rock! Etc… Nice, Prince!

p.s. Your swing is unique because you put everything into it. Is it true you are naturally right-handed, and, if so; is this why your approach is so unique?

Hey Prince, I’m a Cubs fan but you’re the only Brewers player I have any respect for. Hope you cash in big when you’re contract’s up and move on to a big market where you can really showcase your talents.

Hey Prince, I have to admit that I am a lifelong Cubs fan, but what it all comes down to is that I am a fan of the game of baseball, and you are one of the players in the game that I have a huge amount of respect for. I admire you, not only for your God-given skills, but for the amount of class that you exhibit day in and day out. I’ll never forget watching you tip your hat to Reed Johnson after he caught your home run ball over the fence. I saw that and I was thinking to myself, “man, this guy is the real deal.” I found myself thinking about that exact situation when I hit a ball a few weeks ago and had a guy on the other team catch it against the fence–I tipped my hat to the center fielder and held it up until he saw it. I also admire the fact that you are humble and down-to-earth enough to communicate to the fans via this blog. I cannot express how much that means for us fans to have our favorite players reach down to us and let us know what they’re really thinking. So, regardless of which team I pledge allegiance to, I salute you as one of the finest players in the game, for your abilities and your class. Keep up the good work!!

Hey Prince, I’m a Cardinals fan but the Brewers are my second favorite team and I’m baseballs #1 fan if you want something to write about write about what your doing during and after a game well see ya

Good luck with the remainder of the year! The one question I have is, what do you love most about the game? The reason I ask is because too many times I see players/teams struggling only because they are focused on what is going wrong rather than what is truly right with the game. To me, this is the greatest game on Earth and sometimes folks need to take a step back and remember what it is about the game they love and gets them in a more positive frame of mind. My two cents! Keep swinging the hot bat and driving in those runs…………..BTW, are you the Fresh Prince of the Brew Crew?

Hey Prince-
Even though I’m a Padres fan, I think you’re a great baseball player. I’m a 12 year old baseball player- and I play 1st base. I have a few questions, if you could maybe answer them that’d be great. #1 is: How do you keep your swing so level, even when it looks like you’re swinging for the fences? #2: How do you stay so calm before games? Thanks Prince!!!!!!!!! You Rock!!!

Thank you for taking the time to write us, you are a great baseball player but also a great person. You and Braun are two of my favorite players, and made me like the Brewers even more. I am from Venezuela, and here you have a lot of fans, although most of them have no idea where Milwaukee is.

Keep up the good work and dont worry, your team has good things coming. You do a great job as a team, and I think that you will be stronger contendors next year.

Good Luck,


Man! What a year ur having, keep up the great work….I know ur having a great year but I want to share a hitting tip with you…I play baseball myself and I am also a lefty, when im facing a pitcher thats throwing 85 or less I always move up in the box, my back foot is always lined up with the middle of the plate, I always say u learn somthing new everyday pro or not…if u havnet done it just try it, it works. If u do please let me know what happened!


Prince… Is this REALLY you?

For all u true crew fans that think Macha has a say so in a trade u r very wrong…..Mark and Doug r the only ones that make those decisions, Ken just has to put up with them!

I was a huge met fan until the infamous Willie Randolph firing. How is it having him with your team? Is he enjoying coaching?

Yes, the Brewers slugger and the HR Derby champ. Welcome to MLBlogs.

Prince, all I can say is that we the fans are going to support you all the way. When last September was going bad, we stayed in there and still believed and we were rewarded. This year we did go through a bad stretch here, but that just opens up the door for two great months of baseball! Keep us excited!

We support brewers and we support players.
Season is not over yet.
watching yesterday’s game we are still in for October.
Best of luck to you and Brewers.

Good luck against the Dodgers, but not too much since I’m an Astros fan and you need to have a few 0-fers against us this weekend. Heh, no really good luck guy.

Hey Prince, I’m a huge fan and I love watching you and the rest of the crew. Most of all when you beat up on the cubs so I can rub it in all the faces of my friends that are cub fans. I work at chili’s near the stadium and I heard you stopped in to eat one time. I’m sorry I missed a chance to see you in person, but on the other hand I don’t know if I would’ve been able to hold back from bothering you and saying hi. A few questions for you.
Does it bother you when fans approach you in public situations?
I know everyone makes a big deal about you switching to veggies. What’s your favorite vegetarian dish? What’s the one meat dish you miss the most? Do you ever give in to the urge to eat meat?
Thanks for everything – your awesome play (one of the best to put on a Brewer’s uni in my opinion) – being great to your fans and the Milwaukee community – and just being a standup guy.
Don’t listen to “andchanged.” We may be the smallest market in baseball but we love our team more than any other fans in the league. Keep on sluggin’!!!!

-Lee in Milwaukee

Hey Prince, i’ve heard some fans are losing support of you guys, but that’s just wrong! I saw in the comments the outspoken pirates fan, good luck here on out, and one more thing, try and get macha to get mcghee in 2 hole… hope ya keep on blogging.

Hi Prince, So glad you have a blog! Congratulations. My husband Hank and I now live in Arizona, but because of Ryan, JJ, Corey, and you we still follow the crew with the MLB package. Good luck with this season. We know it aint’ easy. You are a joy to watch. Positive is everything!!!! Curious to know if you know all those odd baseball rules?
See you at Spring training…and even before at Chase field Sept 13th!
ciao for now

Thanks for signing my ball when you were in Single A. You had headphones on so I couldn’t thank you. Congrats on winning the Home Run Derby, that was a thrill for us fans. What was that expirence like? Stay a Brewer forever. Thank you.


Please sign a long term deal and stay in Milwaukee!!

It’s about time one of my boys gets on here! (Maybe you can knock Reed Johnson down a bit on the leader’s list.) Glad to see wins these last couple of games — keep the momentum going! Best of luck the remainder of the season and, please check out my blog. (Devoted to the Brewers, of course!)


Thanks for letting us, the fans, be apart of your life. Your presence on the field is obviously just a small part of the baseball life and hope that you will consider Milwaukee your home for a long time to come. Your performance this year has obviously surprised many, (too many players production falls off after a contract), but it also shows the hard work you have put into it. See you on the 16th against the Astros!


Hey Prince doing great so far, if not for Albert Pujols you would be the favorite for MVP. (Your beating him in RBIs too) But, please what ever you do sign a long term contract to stay in milwaukee. Hopefully, you and Braun can be a 1-2 punch for years to come.

Prince please stay in Milwaukee!!!

Hi Prince, You have to tell the guys to look into the stands that are FILLED at almost every game. We all believe you can still do it. For a ” small market team” you guys fill the stands way more than most of your opponents. Anyway, its time to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and do what those media guys dont think you can because there are a LOT of us out here that still think you can. You guys are fun to watch. I know pitching is a little thin right now, but I think the rest of the team can carry you through until they get healthy again. Maybe the pitching can ralley around the rest of the team for a while . we have a lot af baseball left. More than enough to come back and take this thing. Go Brewers Go……………………..

Prince!! You are THE man. I think you and Albert Pujols are the only clean sluggers in the game today. I thank you for being a good role model to the youth today. You yourself have proved that a clean player can in fact do great things. Thanks again.

Prince, your antics last night after getting beaned were completely unwarranted and immature. You’re playing baseball, hitting batters is part of the game. If you go after their best player, they are gonna come after yours. That’s it. It ends there. He didn’t throw at your head, I’m sure it didn’t even hurt that bad. Just take your base and keep your mouth shut, you’re not as great as you think you are.


for ‘jonnnnnnnn’ –

Why don’t you go somewhere else and be annoying? Mota clearly plunked him for no real reason and immediately walked off the mound knowing he was getting himself ejected. That’s ‘unwarranted’. Dodgers up by 14 runs or something, 2 outs, and he throws it right at Fielder. BS.

You say you’re a league-wide fan, but you come on to Prince’s blog and all you’ve said are negative comments. Grow up and go bother someone else.

for ‘jonnnnnnnn’ –

Why don’t you go somewhere else and be annoying? Mota clearly plunked him for no real reason and immediately walked off the mound knowing he was getting himself ejected. That’s ‘unwarranted’. Dodgers up by 14 runs or something, 2 outs, and he throws it right at Fielder. BS.

You say you’re a league-wide fan, but you come on to Prince’s blog and all you’ve said are negative comments. Grow up and go bother someone else.

Hey Prince and everyone else, im not going to say that im a league wide fan, im a prince fielder fan hes my hero and favorite player by far all time. Ive never goten the chance to meet you prince right now its only a dream but anyways. G Mota just pisses me off he can barley throw the ball and hes throwing the ball at a superstar like you ive made a anti fan group on facebook anti fan being much nicer words than the group itself is called and haha ive actually done sometime for you prince that got me into a little bit of trouble when you had the run in with wally bell. Well man Good luck rest of the year and ill hit u up later

Welcome to MLBlogs! I always love when the players join. It’s gives us fans some new perspectives. Hmm…ideas on what to write about, huh? How about what your favorite game you had with the Brewers this season was? 🙂 Just a suggestion. I dont know, I’m not always the best at suggestions, but hope you like it. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/

It’s impossible to love a sport and be a true fan if you don’t hate some teams. For me, those teams are the Yankees and Brewers. Reguardless, what I said about Prince remains true, he acted immaturely and I’m not the only one who said it. I understand the plunking was probably unwarranted because of the score and the fact that Manny didn’t really get drilled, but that aside you just have to take it as part of the game and not let it bug you, because you’ll end up making a fool of yourself like Prince did last night.


eatsleepmlb; wow – you’ve got us with the Yankees? How much noise have we been making lately with the wins and what kind of threat are we to whoever it is you cheer for.

* It’s been hard for me, because the Dodgers are my other favorite team, and their success really doesn’t affect our decision. I also believe this is between Fielder and Mota.

I’d also like to throw something in; in 2006, right after a game at Fenway, Brett Meyers attacked and harmed his wife outside the stadium after the game. It was a violent thing, to the point where Gabe Kapler led the audience in a boo rally against Meyers, who was allowed to pitch the next day.

Different circumstance, but when you talk about outside the clubhouse; Prince is a decent guy, and he probably would have yelled at Guillermo for the most part. I don’t care what you have to say regarding the different circumstances surrounding the game, but prince had a reason to want to go after Mota…

Prince is not a horrible person. Mota wanted to provoke him like he did Piazza by giving him a look by the foul line. Didn’t you see how confused he looked? It’s amazing that people mention “suspension” for something like this.

I also dislike the comparison to the Milton Bradley pressbox incident. Bradley is a dreadful person, sometimes.



Prince kick *** tonight!… sometimes passion goes both ways…but a guy like you has friends to remind him of what is important. Go Brew Crew! We will be cheering you on!
Mrs T

Man, I fell asleep before the end of last nights game and just watched a playback. Prince had every right to be upset!

Drill the Princess again, play this game like a man, not a cry baby!!!!

somebody call the WAAAAAMBULANCE!!!!! Princess knew he wasn’t getting into the locker room he was putting on a show. If he did get into the locker room there would be about 21 guys waiting on him. Kinda wish he would have gotten in there now. Go kiss your boyfriend Braunny.

Hi Prince, Thank you for letting us fans write to you. I do not want to write dumb stuff when you are so gracious to have put up this blog. Yet, I want to ask all those guys who are calling you a crybaby what would they feel like if someone intentionally threw a fast-ball toward there privates.

Hi Prince, Thank you for letting us fans write to you. I do not want to write dumb stuff when you are so gracious to have put up this blog. Yet, I want to ask all those guys who are calling you a crybaby what would they feel like if someone intentionally threw a fast-ball toward there privates.

Hi Prince, Thank you for letting us fans write to you. I do not want to write about dumb stuff when you are so gracious to have this blog. Yet, I do want to ask all those guys calling you a crybaby just what they would do if someone intentionally threw a fast-ball toward their privates?


I was able to catch one of your baseballs from the Home Run Derby, I was wondering if you wanted it back for a souvenir.

Great thing you have going here, you ever think of getting on TWITTER to keep us updated?

Hey Prince, Although I might not agree with storming over to the Dodgers club house, I certainly can’t blame ya for being pissed. Like Macha said the Brewers weren’t trying to hit anyone in a 13-3 game, Mota hitting you was totally uncalled for. The Dodgers really showed their true colors and how classless they are after the game with various comments they made to the media, while the Brewers keep quiet about it and just moved on.

Anyways good luck rest of the season, hopefully this series win over the Dodgers, is the catalyst for a run back to the top of the division.



The Crew may be down but they have something no other team has! Are you capital letter folk Jealous hearted? Prince, is it best left unspoken in all circumstance when a pitcher hits an opposing player?

WOW! Prince that homer you hit on August 13th was absurd. It should have counted for two runs. If you had pulled it, it would have hit Uecker’s plaque. Someone needs to figure out how far that thing actually would have went. That was amazing. It had to be the longest ball ever hit in Miller Park. A real showstopper. Congratulations on the win also. Keep on battling and help rally this team to the playoffs.

Prince your one of the greatest players I’ve ever watched. You and Braun are the best three four hitters in the league right next to Holiday and Pujols. I hope you stay in Milwaukee for your entire career.

Hey Prince great season so far. I think offensively we’re doing very well the team just desperately needs some PITCHERS. Anyways great job and I hope you’re on the team for many years to come.


My son, daughter, and I have been watching you play since your days with the Beloit Snappers. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights with Brewers’s fans across the country.

We live in Rhode Island now and only get to see the Brewers at Miller Park when we visit WI in the summer.

Just letting you know your leadership skills and positive outlook continue to be inspiring.

One question, how long did it take for you and Ryan Braun to master that “extended handshake” when a run is scored?

Rooting for you from Rhode Island…

First off I’d like to say that Prince you are doing an absolutely fantastic job at being consistent this year and it shows all the more since the home run derby. Then i got a question that i think a lot of Brewers fans have on their minds. How much does the money aspect play into things when your contract ends after 2011? A lot of us are really afraid we are going to lose you like we did C.C. and none of us want that becuase if there is one face, one name, that is synonomous with the Milwaukee Brewers over the past couple years, its Prince Fielder.

I agree Prince is consistent and is doing a fantastic job. I do not see how a player could turn down a raise though. I remember one commentator said CC definitely would not stay with the Brewers unless he had a serious addiction to bratwurst. My hope would be the money to keep Prince with us will be there and that the fantastic fans will sway the decision in our favor. One can hope! We sure Love you Prince!

Hey Prince, This is Mike C (Tony & Terry’s friend). I just found your blog (8/27/09). Wanted to say how much my wife & I enjoyed meeting you & your family. I don’t want to say much more in this format. I would like to return a favor if I could. Thanks again & I hope to hear back from you if you would! Sincerely, Mike

Congratulations Prince! What a pleasure to watch you succeed in so may ways. We love watching you play!!!!!!!!
Mary and Hank

Prince Does upper management ask terrific players like you your opinion on who stays with the team? I here Farvre wanted that control too much, yet I do understand how a player in your position has valuable feedback to give to the top guns (?)

My mother worships the ground you walk on. She is your biggest fan. She is on her way to a game right now – May 12 – and it is her 61st birthday today! She is dying to get your autograph and to get to meet you. If you could make this happen for Jan Block it would make her day.

Hi Prince, I sure hope you are Happy despite the team being a bit below 500. We are happy watching you! Thanks for signing my card at Spring Training!! You are a joy to watch both on the field and off (Such a lovable man)! Thank you for all you do…

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